Argentine products present at the Havana fair

Argentina shows its finery today at the 2023 Havana International Fair with a wide range of its products and is looking to increase the commercial flow with the Cuban market.
The presence of that South American country is felt at the Expocuba fairgrounds, where more than 60 nations exhibit their innovations in different business fields with some 800 exhibitors arriving this year at the 39th edition of the event.

One of Argentina’s greatest attractions comes from Grupo Sur, which among other things hopes to soon have warehouses with merchandise available on the island for wholesale groups, small producers and the so-called self-employed workers.
In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, Devora Bringas, a member of Grupo Sur, stated that they are working on a project that will soon be operational through its branch in Cuba to have warehouses with merchandise available and thus those interested will not have to wait 90 days for Buy the volume you need.

When referring to the increase in small and medium-sized Cuban companies, Bringas meant that, if the previous edition of the Havana Fair was a revelation last year, in this edition it is even more noticeable how this sector is booming on the island.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Grupo Sur was already a supplier of the basic basket on the island, but now among the new products they bring a line of pasta, tomato sauce, wheat flour and they hope to improve with the insertion of other products. of toilets, beers and salted peanuts, among others.

In addition to this wholesaler, Argentina attends the event with other companies such as Frugran, with a long history, which offers solutions for the protection of agri-food.

In this regard, his representative at the meeting, Gonzalo Fridirich, explained to Prensa Latina that they have been working for more than four decades to protect grain from harvesting, storage to shipping to other countries.

We have insecticide treatment through Frugan, which is the parent company, and then we have other sisters like Neophos, for example, who work on the treatment of organic acids, a way to protect grain against fungi, salmonella.

In Cuba, he explained, we do the treatments for the flour and corn that enters the country from Argentina, Brazil and the United States. We do an antifungal and salmonella treatment for soybean flour and our main client here is Alimport, he said.

In the gaucho pavilion, which brings together the Cámara Pyme Argentina, the company Nexus also stands out, dedicated to the marketing of food products.

His representative, Sebastián Ramundo, told Prensa Latina that the company stood out 20 years ago in Africa and is already in the Caribbean with its products such as grains, flour and rice.

We came to the Havana fair to see the market that has changed a lot since 2017, the first time we were here. The idea is to get to know the new economic actors such as small and medium-sized businesses, we are already working with several of them, he said.

The fair, attended by exhibitors from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, will officially conclude next Saturday with the awards ceremony for the best stands.