Call for 40 FIHAV 2024

Havana, April 15, 2024
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Organizing Committee of the Havana International Fair (FIHAV)
is pleased to extend a warm invitation to participate in its Fortieth
Edition. This space, consolidated as one of the most prestigious of
its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean, will take place from
November 4 to 9, 2024, in Havana, at the ExpoCuba fairgrounds.
The occasion will have a special connotation, as we will celebrate
the 40th Anniversary of the conception of the largest multi-sector
trade fair in Cuba and the Caribbean, which had its origins in 1984,
thanks to the vision of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz.
Every year, the Havana International Fair brings together thousands
of businessmen from more than 700 companies and more than 60
countries from all regions of the world. As in previous editions, this
November, national and foreign exhibitors will be able to present
their exportable offers and business opportunities, in order to
establish strategic alliances that contribute to the socioeconomic
development of our towns.
In addition, the VII Investment Forum will be held, where the update
of the Portfolio of Business Opportunities in Cuba with foreign capital
will be launched, an interactive tool that assumes an increasingly
local focus and that incorporates small-dollar projects to expand the
participation of small and medium-sized companies. Likewise, we
will attend business forums, new product launches, events,
presentations and conferences on topics of interest to promote
foreign trade and foreign investment.

With special relevance, a pavilion dedicated to the territories will
once again be created where each province and the special
municipality of Isla de la Juventud will present their potential and
market niches.
Likewise, the delegations of each country will have the opportunity to
celebrate the long-awaited National Days, moments of unique
connotation that allow them to show the progress made in bilateral
relations in terms of trade and investment, as well as future
perspectives to deepen the ties between Cuba and the participating
Now in its 40th year, this event will provide the right environment to
explore new opportunities among all the actors that come together in
the economic fabric of Cuban society: public companies, foreign
businessmen, financial institutions, medium and small businesses,
cooperatives, development projects local, Cubans residing abroad,
as well as international organizations and trade facilitating
With great enthusiasm and with the expectation of obtaining results
that meet the challenges that these times impose, we are pleased to
invite you to celebrate with Cuba the Fortieth Edition of the Havana
International Fair.
We are waiting for you with the guarantee of the daily hospitality and
warmth of our people, to together explore new ways to build a more
prosperous and sustainable future.