Costa Rican company takes its products to a fair in Cuba

Since they both decided to attend the largest trade fair in Cuba, they invited their clients to visit them at ExpoCuba, headquarters of the event in the largest venue in Havana. See you at Fihav 2023! They invited on their website.

Imagine Investments has four decades of experience in investing and introducing new products into international markets. On behalf of Imagine Investment, it is an honor for us to participate for the first time in this outstanding fair, Verónica Alfaro told Prensa Latina.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to present our products, which we export with dedication and care together with Integro Trading and TradeConnect. The latter, through its business partners, has offices in San José, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as in Panama City.

In their catalog they offer wheat and corn flour, rice, sugar, cheeses, beans, vegetable oils and powdered milk.

Alfaro and Daniel Torres are the young managers of this company, who arrived at Fihav 2023 with a suitcase loaded with products previously identified for this market: flavored drinks, bottled water, soft drinks and fruit pulps, to which are added coffee and eggs.

The leaders of Imagine Investments consider their presence at the Fair a milestone in their career and expressed that they will provide their future clients with fair prices, essential for a market eager for diversification of offers.

For Torres, who participated on several occasions and in different contexts in the almost forty-year-old trade event, Fihav is an important platform to show their exportable products, which will allow them to expand coverage.

On the occasion of his attendance at the meeting, he highlighted the growth of MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), as a new form of management that presents dizzying development in the economy.

Torres highlighted the growth of the MSME sector with the articulations of importers from the state sector and their greater participation. “We are pleased to see the continued increase,” he said.

This is essential to increase the supply of products in Cuba, he stressed, while pointing out the meaning of generating more competitiveness so that the people can access a greater number of products at fairer prices.

In fact, bringing items with reasonable and fair prices to Fihav 2023 is one of the objectives set by the business group, along with promoting access to products not only for purchase in virtual stores and those designed in freely convertible currency, but also for certain MSMEs reach the open market in Cuban pesos.