Speaking of the Cuban Travel Insurance.

ESICUBA has over 30 years of experience in marketing Travel Insurance. With this, we have provided the country with a necessary service for all Cuban tourist activities. Unlike others worldwide, ESICUBA’s insurances are specifically designed for Cuba, which represents an advantage over others that tourists bring upon their arrival in the national territory.

ASISTUR’s Alarm Center is our greatest strength, providing active service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We trust them with the assistance of travelers, allowing us to act quickly and promptly in every unexpected situation. They act independently, knowing what to do, while maintaining a close relationship with all health institutions, hotel facilities, taxis, and ambulances.

Our insurances gained more popularity starting in 2010 when the Cuban state required that all travelers arriving in the country must have medical expense insurance.

Today we market various travel plans, all of which have in common medical and funeral and health repatriation coverage. The most comprehensive ones include advance funds, legal assistance, loss of luggage and documents, among others.

When COVID-19 gained strength worldwide, we covered the expenses of all those insured who arrived in Cuba suspected or infected with the disease. Hospitalizations, transfers, PCR tests indicated by medical personnel, and even the purchase of a new air ticket if the traveler missed their flight due to their health condition.

Currently, we continue to expand our portfolio. We have more than 30 Travel Agencies and airlines in specific markets. As a result, we have worked with over 1 million travelers in just one year. However, we want to continue growing. In 2021, we initiated new strategies focused on online marketing. Travelers today access our Insurance from the “CubaTravel” Tourism portal and the SolwaysCuba agency.

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